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Lump Sum

Philippe, a busy 40 year old banker and Debbie 36 a recruitment consultant are married with no children. Both earn good salaries and receive large bonuses each year when times are good. They previously invested in property in Hong Kong but recently sold out thinking the market was too 'hot' and are now in the enviable position of having USD 2 million in cash.

They intend to enter the UK property market, more specifically Central London as they can see plenty of upside there in the next five years.  The property will be part funded by cash, the remainder to be mortgaged. Following the acquisition their intention is to rent the property out while they remain in Hong Kong. They also want to commit one million USD to the equity markets and leave it there for at least five years. Although they are both closely involved in the finance industry neither has the time, knowledge or inclination to make initial and ongoing investment decisions around their own portfolio.

After having undertaken a full analysis of their current and anticipated financial objectives over the next five years with a Senior Consultant at PFS, they conclude that they are looking for maximum capital appreciation and agree that an offshore custodian account is the ideal solution as this offers access to a wide range of asset classes as well as to the fund universe. Philippe & Debbie complete a Risk profile Questionnaire and are eager to set and take on an aggressive approach since they feel that markets are in a Bull phase.

Their investment is established on a joint life second death basis for tax purposes and is initially diversified across 20 individual holdings. These holdings are closely monitored by the Portfolio Management Team who are appointed to act as discretionary managers in line with Philippe & Debbie's objectives which are reviewed on a quarterly basis with a senior PFS consultant.

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This product is not authorised for distribution to residents of Hong Kong and Thailand. Investors are advised to satisfy themselves that they are able to invest via this platform and to seek independent advice before adopting any investment strategies.

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