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Design Your Own Investment

Our on-line 'Investment Questionnaire' is a convenient and user friendly tool that offers a series of prompts which should be considered before making any important investment decision and which ultimately helps us to choose the perfect investment for your needs. The design tool takes little time to complete and helps us to uncover your current investment objectives whilst making provision for those unforeseen eventualities that may present themselves along the way.

Your selections will become the foundation of any recommendations offered by our Consultants and play an integral part of the final Solution Design as you now become a vital link in the process of building your investment portfolio.

Your involvement coupled with our knowledge and expertise means we are able to research the many products and funds on offer in order to identify and select the most appropriate solutions for your needs.

Our vast expertise and knowledge of overseas funds and investment vehicles allows us to access numerous opportunities from all of the major Offshore Financial Institutions and to make your investment dreams become a reality.

To Design your own investment, choose one of the following options

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I am considering investing on a regular basis >>

If at any time you would like one of our consultants to call you, simply contact us.

Please note:

Platinum Financial Services have partnered with to give clients access to the world's largest gold and silver bullion market. You can now open an account and trade physical gold and silver in minutes.

This product is not authorised for distribution to residents of Hong Kong and Thailand. Investors are advised to satisfy themselves that they are able to invest via this platform and to seek independent advice before adopting any investment strategies.

Do you wish to continue,

Do you wish to continue,