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Retirement Planning

Explore your dreams for retirement with assistance from a Platinum consultant. We help our clients to gather inspiration and shape their ideal retirement. Whether you are years away from retirement or already enjoying retirement today, our consultants can assist in building a personal financial plan that will maximize your retirement options. We work closely with proven offshore financial product suppliers such as Royal Skandia, Friends Provident, Scottish Life, and Generali to provide a wide range of flexible savings plans as well as traditional pension plans.

Working together with you allows us to develop a retirement strategy that suits your circumstances and enables you to achieve your retirement objectives whilst having the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.

Mandatory Provident Fund - MPF   (Available to HK Residents Only)

Choosing the right MPF provider is one of the most important retirement decisions you will ever make. Platinum Financial Services, registered with the Hong Kong Government as an independent MPF intermediary, provides unbiased comprehensive advice and information on Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) schemes and their constituent funds. We offer MPF members a balanced perspective and help them make informed choices and decisions. Members can choose their own funds according to the MPF scheme selected by their employer and have the option to switch their portfolio in line with their investment preferences at any time. Alternatively Members can subscribe to our value added MPF DMS service and invest into a Balanced or Growth strategy.

Voluntary contributions.  Since there is a 5% cap on your MPF contributions the base level is unlikely to support you fully in retirement. However there are a number of advantages of making Special Voluntary Contributions (SVCs) using an MPF platform. Contributions can be made monthly or as lump sums and no initial charges will be levied when you make them. In addition withdrawals are not subject to the same rules when you retire or change employers.

Employee Choice Arrangement (ECA).  From 1 November 2012 the new ECA was launched allowing you greater flexibility to do the following:

Transfer your accrued benefits, (i.e. the accumulated contributions and investment returns) from the employee mandatory contributions made during your current and previous employment, to a Personal Account with an MPF Trustee of your own choice, rather than that of your employer. You are able to do this once every calendar year.

Transfer any accrued benefits from previous employment or self-employment that have been transferred to your current Contribution Account to either a Personal Account or another Contribution Account with an MPF Trustee of your own choice, at any time.

ECA Benefits.  As an employee, you will have greater control over your own MPF investment, and will be able to select MPF Trustees and schemes based on your specific personal needs and circumstances.

Discretionary Management Service. PFS  offers  a Discretionary Management Service  (DMS) for those clients who wish to have their MPF fund managed for them.  DMS provides clients with access to portfolio management experts and actively managed model portfolios to meet client return expectations as well as complete portfolio management  administration .

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Please note:

Platinum Financial Services have partnered with to give clients access to the world's largest gold and silver bullion market. You can now open an account and trade physical gold and silver in minutes.

This product is not authorised for distribution to residents of Hong Kong and Thailand. Investors are advised to satisfy themselves that they are able to invest via this platform and to seek independent advice before adopting any investment strategies.

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