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US Taxpayer Service

Who Can Benefit From the Service?

  • US ExPats and connected persons residing outside of the United States who wish to continue to plan their savings and retirement strategies without fear of restrictions due to recent legislation changes.
  • The US tax system allows non-residents and connected persons to exclude income from their annual reporting if earned abroad.

Features of Our Service

  • A Platinum service offered exclusively to US ExPats and connected persons
  • SEC and IRS compliant
  • Takes advantage of streamline regime
  • Utilizes Double Taxation Agreement (DTA)
  • Low cost filling completed by US CPAs
  • PFIC & QEF Compliant

What Are PFICs and QEFs?

  • Non-compliant investments (Passive Foreign Investment Companies) for US ExPats are taxed as
    income (up to 37%). By completing a Qualified Electing Fund, individuals can be eligible for
    Capital Gains Tax treatment instead (from 0%-20% subject to long/short-term considerations).
    There could be significant tax savings available.

Why Choose Platinum?

  • We facilitate transparent, low fee solutions for US ExPats living abroad that aren’t available from
    other overseas financial institutions.
  • Our team consists of experts from around the world that specialize in US tax and retirement
  • We can guide you safely through the IRS tax regimes.
  • Reduce your tax bill by utilizing legitimate tax deductions.
  • The service gives you US home-grown products that are simple yet comprehensive and are tax
    efficient while following IRS requirements

What Are Your Options?

  • Full tax reporting
  • Retirement planning
  • Regular contributions
  • Lump sum contributions

Life Insurance Premium Financing

The Platinum Premium Finance Program (PFP) is a new and unique funding strategy available to US Nationals, as well as non-US persons with a US Nexus. The program allows eligible participants to fund Life Insurance premiums without having to take out a personal loan, provide a personal guarantee or incur out of pocket expenses. The Platinum PFP offers higher sums assured (policy death benefit) than traditionally financed life insurance contracts at a fraction of the cost. Our minimum sum assured starts at US$ 10,000,000.

For details see Platinum Premium Finance Program


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Please note:

Platinum Financial Services have partnered with to give clients access to the world's largest gold and silver bullion market. You can now open an account and trade physical gold and silver in minutes.

This product is not authorised for distribution to residents of Hong Kong and Thailand. Investors are advised to satisfy themselves that they are able to invest via this platform and to seek independent advice before adopting any investment strategies.

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