Expat Medical Insurance

Sarah is married with two children and relocated to Hong Kong in 2020. She is employed in a middle management role with a Trust company that offers standard local group medical benefits for herself and her family as dependents.

The decision to top-up existing plan

Given the outbreak of the pandemic, her husband, Chris, decided to stay at home to look after the children and home school when needed. As Sarah is the sole breadwinner, she has decided to take out further personal medical coverage for her family. This way she can cover medical costs that her existing health plan will not, ultimately giving her peace of mind that she and her family are fully protected.

After reviewing her work health plan in detail, she decided to place a deductible of US$5,000 on her policy for each family member. Put simply, a deductible is the amount of money that you have to pay on your own behalf before your plan kicks in and starts to cover eligible medical costs. The deductible helps to significantly lower the premium on her personal policy.


Unfortunately, in early 2021, Sarah was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Her employee policy only covered up to the surgery sub-limit which was US$5,000 with no coverage for chemotherapy or immunotherapy.

How the two plans work together

Fortunately, for Sarah, her personal policy had full cancer coverage up to US$2,500,000 and she was also able to apply the initial costs for the surgery towards the deductible on her personal policy, which meant she effectively had nothing to pay out of pocket. 

Sarah made a full recovery with the cost of treatment at the private hospital and private outpatient clinics coming to US$80,000 or HK$624,000, which was fully covered. She also has peace of mind that should there be a recurrence she has adequate protection in place.

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