Investment Portfolio Restructure

Roger is 56 years old and a permanent resident of Hong Kong. Before settling in Asia, he worked in Europe and Latin America, where he picked up several regular savings plans and a small lump-sum investment scheme along the way. However, he had no consistent advice as he was moving countries, and as a result, his total investments of nearly £500,000 were spread over five different plans.

Because of industry consolidation, some providers were no longer open for business, and fund performance had suffered as a consequence. The portfolio as a whole was underperforming Roger’s expectations mainly due to a lack of regular service and high charging structures.

The Solution

Jonathan, the consultant at Platinum, approached each of the providers and thoroughly reviewed the terms and conditions of their schemes. The consultant advised that it would be far more efficient to consolidate the five plans into one. Providers of four of the plans applied penalties for termination. However, Platinum was able to rebate this amount in full as part of the restructuring process.

According to his risk profile, Roger decided to use the Platinum Discretionary Managed Service. As a subscriber to this service, he receives monthly portfolio valuations and global market reports and quarterly reviews with his Platinum consultant.

Roger now has a modern, transparent portfolio that provides access to a wider range of funds at a greatly reduced servicing cost, significantly enhancing performance compared to his previous situation.

Since restructuring the portfolio in 2018, he has enjoyed a performance of over 8% per annum whilst keeping the same risk profile, and at the same time, significantly reducing the annual fees associated with the investment.

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