Platinum Financial Services

Platinum Financial Services is an authorised insurance broker company registered with the Insurance Authority of Hong Kong (IA) to transact General and Life (including Linked Long Term) Insurance business.

Our business objective is to provide comprehensive independent advice that creates and maintains wealth for our clients by advising on all aspects of personal financial planning. This includes portfolio optimisation and the ongoing management of your savings and investments, including your retirement planning alongside any inheritance or other tax planning strategies you require. We help individuals, couples and families to build and grow assets throughout their lifetime, and more importantly, help them to preserve and protect their wealth and cascade it down through the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation family members.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, we have offices and representatives in Shanghai, Beijing and Thailand.

International planning

Because of the availability of products and services globally, many people have to navigate additional layers of complexity regarding the management of their finances. Our experienced consultants will take into consideration the rules that govern your nationality, as well as your current and intended country of residence before offering suitable recommendations. 

Experience and knowledge

Our principals have over 150 years of combined experience across global markets. These include UK & offshore financial services, local and international estate agencies, international mortgage placement, insurance broking, Trust creation, legacy planning, and asset protection.

Security and transparency

Having robust internal regulatory and compliance processes in place gives our clients the peace of mind they deserve and the necessary assurance that they and their assets are safe and secure.

Business Class Group

Platinum Financial Services Limited is a member of the Business Class Group. which is made up of nine operating brands, each with its own specialist proposition. When these are brought together they provide clients with an unparalleled range of holistic and high-quality advisory services. Included are the essentials such as general and household insurance protection, your life, health and critical illness cover needs, any desire for local and international property investments, as well as traditional saving, investment and retirement strategies. Alongside those sit our fiduciary, tax & estate planning services. Platinum Financial Services is the division that provides specialist investment, retirement, tax and financial planning services to its clients.

See our regional offices: Business Class Asia in Thailand and Business Class UK in the United Kingdom.

Lifestyle Insurance

Lifestyle Insurance is the dedicated independent General Insurance arm of Platinum Financial Services. Lifestyle Insurance offers a first-class, impartial, comprehensive general insurance service that provides a value for money service to save clients both time and money. Lifestyle Insurance’s independence guarantees that clients’ interests are represented at all times.

Lifestyle Property International and Lifestyle Brokers

Lifestyle Brokers  is an independent mortgage brokerage that helps international clients source competitive mortgages for new property purchases as well as refinance existing loans for better terms or to release equity so that they can add to their portfolios. Lifestyle Property offers a selection of the best property investments from around the world. All projects are fully vetted and researched to take advantage of opportunities in the global property markets. This allows clients to build a property portfolio that maximizes capital gains potential while offering either excellent yields through lettings, lifestyle enhancement or both.

Soteria Trusts

Soteria Trusts is a brand of Platinum Financial Services focusing on trust and fiduciary services. Soteria provides a range of solutions to assist clients to manage, grow and protect their valuable assets within their lifetime and to create a tax-efficient legacy for their beneficiaries. Specialising in trusts, Soteria Trusts offers retirement solutions as well as  platforms that can hold multiple asset classes, including property.


Discretion Wealth Management is the marketing division of Platinum Financial Services which reaches out to the LGBT community. We understand the need for additional privacy and the unique concerns and legal issues that this globalized community encounters. While strategies for building and accumulating wealth are not all that different, the issues require personal knowledge and experience that only LGBT professionals are likely to be able to provide.

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Corporate Services

Solutions for easy and tax-efficient management locally, with a global perspective

Platinum Financial Services offers a wide range of corporate solutions helping to satisfy a wide range of protection, employee retention and admin needs of a modern company. Our services include group insurance solutions, MPF fund allocation advice and group retirement plans to help you retain talent and run your company smoothly.

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