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MPF Clinic

MPF Clinic

An MPF Clinic is our internal name for the service that focuses on comparing MPF schemes to ensure that our client, be it a corporation or an individual, has the most cost-effective and highest performing retirement fund. Clinics are held regularly at the place of employment allowing all employees and members the convenience of a meeting during normal working hours with the permission of their employer.

MPF Comparison

Choosing the right MPF provider is one of the most important retirement decisions you will ever make. Platinum Financial Services, registered with the Hong Kong Government as an independent MPF intermediary, provides unbiased comprehensive advice and information on Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) schemes and their constituent funds.

We offer MPF members a balanced perspective and help them make informed choices and decisions. Members can choose their own funds according to the MPF scheme selected by their employer and have the option to switch their portfolio in line with their investment preferences at any time. Alternatively, Members can subscribe to our value added MPF Discretionary Managed service and allocate to a Balanced or Growth strategy.

Voluntary Contributions

Since there is a 5% cap on your MPF contributions, the base level is unlikely to support you fully in retirement. However, there are a number of advantages of making Special Voluntary Contributions (SVCs) using an MPF platform. Contributions can be made monthly or as lump sums and no initial charges will be levied when you make them. In addition, withdrawals are not subject to the same rules as when you retire or change employers.

MPF Employee Choice Arrangement (ECA)

From 1 November 2012 the new ECA was launched allowing you greater flexibility to do the following:

Discretionary Management Service for MPF

Platinum Financial Services offers a Managed Service for those clients who wish to have their MPF fund more actively managed. We can provide clients with access to portfolio management experts and actively managed model portfolios to meet return expectations, as well as complete portfolio management administration.

How can Platinum Financial Services help?

We can either advise on a corporate level or organise a one-on-one with your employees as part of your employee benefits program to illustrate how much you consider your employees’ financial well-being and ensure their retirement needs are being met.

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