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Last Will & Testament

Last Will & Testament

Writing your Will is an important first step to ensuring that your family is protected in the event of your death. If you do not write a Will or if the one that you put in place is invalid, your belongings, including any property, may not go to the people that you had intended to benefit from them. Most importantly, having a Will in place will take away a lot of stress for your family during a difficult period.

Local and International Will Writing

Writing a Will is vital for everyone. It can be more complex for people who own assets in several countries as they will be subject to different rules and legislation. In some countries, succession laws override a Will and you must dedicate a certain amount of your estate to your next of kin before allocating the rest of your estate.

It is no longer unusual to own assets in multiple countries

You need a Will for every country/ jurisdiction you have assets in, and the Will must be compliant with local laws. Therefore, each of the Wills should regard the estate in that particular territory, and your Will writer must ensure that it doesn’t revoke any of your other international Wills.

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